Thanks to Sophie for leading us from Meifod to this tranquil and beautiful place. We had a very special time here meditating/contemplating – the historic meeting house next door, walking all around here (we must have seen 3 rainbows!). One nights going for a call of nature outside, we were rewarded with the most spectacular star show – no light pollution here! – it is printed on the memory. I can’t believe that Quaker Friends drive and walk here every Sunday to meet in this peaceful place that seems so remote. Thankyou for allowing us to adventure here.                                       Richard and Mary 22nd-26th October 2022

Thankyou for enabling us to stay in this special, beautiful place. There is certainly an element of living dangerously as we wend our way up the track, not knowing what to expect! The cottage, garden and Meeting house surpassed all our expectations immediately enveloping us in a restful hug. This was the perfect place for some exploring on our bikes as well as attending a wedding blessing nearby. Mid wales will always have a special stay in our hearts, and I look forward to returning for a longer stay before long. Alison and Paul 23rd-26th September 2022

It was amazing seeing the moon rise. We had another great time at Dolobran. We had sun going to all sorts of places including the lake, the sea, the river and a hill. It was sun sleeping in a garden.    Can we come again?  Ben (aged 11) and Richard and Maureen 7th-13th August 2022

Three days for three friends of simple pleasures. River dips beside the Dipper, walks across well browsed gentle slopes under Red Kite skies, summer streaked, nestled in history only the Oaks can recount. Thankyou for your warm welcoming generosity of this very special place.                              Gill, Mark and Kathryn 2nd-4th August 2022

An incredibly beautiful place to spend a few peaceful days. Thankyou to everyone for the warm welcome at meeting and for all the work that goes into making this such a special place. Xxx       Alexis 21st-26th July 2022                                               

Thankyou Sophie for all your kindness, for meeting us and bringing us to Dolobran and telling us all about Dolobran. Our stay here has been a patchwork of delights- the loving welcome of the cottage with its posies of flowers, its gentle ticking and its evening cosiness, of the many and varied butterflies, birds, and insects who have carried on their daily lives alongside us (including a huge hornet!) of the sound of sheep, of cows munching, of raindrops on leaves, of the squirrels scampering over the roof at night, of the smell of honeysuckle, box hedge and Roses, of the green views to drink in from every nearby hill and of the deep deep silence and peace. Dolobran is as has already been said surely a ‘thin place’ ‘in the silence and stillness we have been aware of the love with and within’ We hope to return. Caroline and Chris Lee (Cirencester meeting) 28th June – 1st July 2022

A beautiful place in every sense. Joy to walk to and from the cottage, to sit in the garden and listen to the birds and bees, the sheep and the cows. Flowers a particular delight! Bronwen your kindness was so appreciated including inviting me to lunch and time in your garden. Sam (dog) was a joy too. Thankyou to former pupil Nathanial for saying I must stay here! Ann  6th – 11th June 2022

Such a gift to be able to spend a quit week in this beautiful place. I feel Dolobran gives us the opportunity to shed what once we held onto clearly like a tree its leaves in autumn. We were privileged to see a hare- it was enormous! Returning home with a lighter soul and the melodic buzzing of insects in our ears. Thankyou for making this place what it is.                                           Emmy and Pablo, 21st-18th May 2022

Sophie told us that folks rarely stay this late in the year- but we are so pleased we did. Yes we were lucky that the weather was mild and mostly dry, we were kept nice and warm with a combination of fire and heater. We so enjoyed ourselves with local walks that we seldom resorted to the car or travelled far afield. Whilst we undeniably enjoyed the grandeur of Powys Castle, the engineering wonder that is Monty Canal and the extraordinarily varied artifacts housed in the Powysland museum in Welshpool, even greater highlights of our stay were our walks from the Meeting House. Try walking west to Pont Robert and continuing to Dolanog and back (using both sides of the river). Or turn left at the car park in Pont Robert and head through woodland, a stretch of road to the bridge and then approach Meifod on the South bank. It’s a cliché to say we will be back but we assuredly will be! Thankyou. Mark and Christina Ward (Norfolk) October 23rd-28th 2021

I will be carrying this tranquil place in my heart for a long time. Bendigedig! Peace, timelessness and quaker nourishment. Diolch yn fawr. Ann Bettys and Robin Boulles, September 17th-20th 2021

Thank you for sharing this beautiful place. We have had such a special family week here – toasting marshmallows on the fire, exploring the land, playing in the stream, climbing trees, taking moments of stillness in the meeting house. Feeling the stresses of urban life melt away. Being lovingly rearranged by the land of simplicity. A thousand thankyou’s to Sophie for leading us here and endless wisdom and kindness and to Bron for the cheerful camaraderie. What a treasure this meeting house is, we are already looking forward to our return. Lucy, Robin, Henne and Raffy, 1st-9th August 2021

Lovely break, super cottage, amazing surroundings! We enjoyed cycling around lake Vyrnwy and touring around, went as far as the coast at Shell Island! It was lovely to meet the Dolobran Friends and to attend meeting for worship right on our doorstep! Thankyou Sophie and Bron for your warm hospitality. We hope to be back next year. Martha and Tom (Somerset) 29th June – 7th July 2021

Such an exquisite retreat, time for quiet contemplation, soothing for mind body and soul. Plenty of hot cuppas, cool breezes and fine friends. Thankyou Dolobran and all who keep you, I look forward to returning. Emmy (Bristol) 11th – 14th June 2021

Dear Friends, thankyou so much for having us here -what a beautiful place! We have had such a lovely relaxing time here. It is wonderful. Just what we needed to escape for a few days. We loved the real fire, the sheep, the flowers and the peace. We loved meeting some of you at the meeting on Sunday. Katherine and Roland, 29th May – 1st June 2021

Thank you for the lovely sweet peas! We’ve had a delightfully peaceful stay in this remarkable place, enjoying the powerful greens of Montgomeryshire and the gentle rain. Lloyd and Gill, 29 Sept – 4 Oct 2020

I prayed for many months for a place of deep silence, where the air is clean and fresh (and that I could afford) in which to do my seasonal retreats, and Dolobran is the answer to my prayer. Thank you for allowing me to share your hidden paradise. Caroline Sherwood 21-26 September 2020

Thanks for the privilege again, and especially now, for a longer stay this time to better get our heads in the right place. Loved recording ‘wild wales’ Daw eto haul ar fryn, Iawn. Liz Kelly and Tom Chuyfft. 31-12 September 2020

We’ve had another wonderful and deeply special time at Dolobran. A truly unique place that will always have a place in my heart, thank you again Dolobran friends, Dolores, David, Larisa and Tobias. 6-18 August 2020

Our family of 5 have had such fine rest from the cares and worries of world. Thank you Dolobran and ancient and new friends for your tender love and peaceful worship here over 320 years. We have felt it and imbibed it. We all slept so well and enjoyed the open fire, card games and family togetherness. We appreciated the beautiful flower bouquets throughout the house. I read John Kensals journal and felt very much in the company of his family, we enjoyed the Meifod boating, wild water swimming, a visit to Welshpool and Montgomery castle. Today it is hot hot hot and we are setting off to beach and a fish and chip dinner. We hope to be back next summer, love Edward, Ruth, Ana, Nesta and Aerwyn 25 July – 1 August 2020

What a beautiful peaceful place. We had a wild and watery time. Rain each night and often in the day and everywhere green and moist and lush and sparkling. In the house all warm and dry and quiet and delightful, we walked over wet fields to Meifod and along the rushing river through the glistening woods to Dolanog. We visited the ladies of Llangollen and marvelled at their carved oak mania and devoted lives. We wandered at the top and bottom of lake Vyrnwy and gazed at Pistyll Rhaedr. We lost ourselves in the Aladdin’s maze that is Bunners hardware  in Montgomery, positively the most extraordinary shop I have ever been in, and we meandered through industrial history at the Llanymynech limeworks- amazing. Thank you so much Sophie and Dolobran friends for your warm welcomes and for caring for this special place. Now for a last night with my book by the fire…                               Thanks be for such quiet and seclusion amidst these green green hills and the chance to spend a week living simply. A lovely fire, a comfortable bed, a warm welcome. Going home carrying all of this inside. Thank you Sophie – and for a lovely tea party! Cathy Hill and Helen Lyle Saturday 5-12 October 2019

Friday Morning, September the 13th Lovely sunny morning, sparkling wet grass after yesterdays rain. Love it here! Had a wonderful supper and fire last night. A red admiral, I think, butterfly very still on a deep pink flower in the garden. Hearing aids on so I can hear the birds. After meeting on Sunday, the taste of chocolate biscuits in my mouth. The three different butterflies are there again on the Sedum. Its hot and muggy, soft grey rainclouds drifting towards me, and the faintest of drizzles in the air. Wanting and not wanting to go home tomorrow. I hope I will come again one day, maybe bring friend or family with me. Lovely to meet you all this morning, a sudden influx of humanity after being here alone, Thank you Sophie, Simon and Dolobran Kate Ryegate September 2019 

Blown away by love, friendship and hospitality. Sunday saw the arrival of 30 extra quakers, 3 extra dogs, two paramedics and and ambulance at the field gate. Between early mornings and evenings with a fire in the grate friday evening, we visited the usual suspects, plus several forays to the royal shrewsbury (hospital) to see stella who is coming home with us on Saturday, at least she had a good view from her bed and all is well enough now. Nice to hear buzzards and other birds and practically nought else, Memorable. Slept well, good to be able to see the stars properly. Greetings from Huntinton Meeting. Liz, Tom, Stella and Tetly the dog. 31-7 September 2019

I’ve had the most wonderful couple of days in this magical place. To have somewhere like Dolobran to sit, think, read, write, walk and simply be is a real gift. Its a long time since I felt this relaxed, the busyness of everyday life just falling away. The sun has shone throughout, the cottage door has remained open and I’ve eaten all my meals outside, Glorious!  Thank you for everything you do to allow so many people to enjoy Dolobrans’ stillness, with love and friendship, Lucy Greaves.  22-25 August 2019

We have enjoyed scenery and solitude at Dolobran. But most of all the deepening of reverence, respect and affection for long time friends. Alan, Maggie and Melfy August 2019 

What peace and beauty we have found here, doubled by the truly warm welcome and friendship from Sophie, Bron, Simon, Ruth and David and your meeting. Thank you warmly – we would love to come again, for a little longer if possible. Warmest good wishesCirsty. April 2019

We had a wonderful time at this secluded beautiful, tranquil place. The children especially enjoyed butterfly spotting and walking the fields free. Many thanks to Sophie and her friends for making us feel so welcome. Fabulous memories to take home with us. Larissa, Tobias, Dolores, David. 2-12 August 2019 

Thank you so much Sophie and Bron for making us feel so welcome, for preparing the cottage so beautifully, making it all cosy – I had a wonderful few days and will definitely come again! Much lovePsyche. 13-15th April 2019

Had a wonderful time here in this magical place. We loved everything about it and Meeting for Worship on Sunday was very special. Divine presence is everywhere around Dolobran. Being here is like emerging from the womb and being present and interconnected. Its so restful and peaceful here and so grounding (Y Ffordd Dwel) the quiet way, we loved it all. So nourishing and so welcoming (Croeso). A deep sense of spirituality is to be found at Dolobran, it is truly a mystical place. It envelopes and nourishes the soul, you all have lit a candle that gives light to others here. Beauty and goodness and thoughts for others re your material way. So grateful to all the Friends for rescuing Dolobran Meeting House and Cottage. Lots of love. Miriam and Frank Ryan, Dublin Eire 2nd-7th August 2018

Lovely to be back at Dolobran again, special thanks. Richard, Marleen,Will and Ben Summers 28th July-1st August 2018

Perfectly imperfect, beyond words, not to be captured or limited. Familiar, recognizable, known, no arrival no departure, not completely. Steve and Diane Hallet Beverley 17th-19th July 2018

There is a calming in this place. Do you mean the house or the rustling leaves or the rustic loo? There is a calming in this place. Do you mean the soft sky or the soft grass or the burial ground so near? There is a calming in this place. Do you mean the buzzing flies, the peeping mouse, the tapping thrush, the leaping frog, the cabbage white that seeks? Yes. Thank you for a lovely stay, hope to come again. Bernie 12th -17th July 2018

Arrived about 11.30 after the weekly meeting, made to feel very welcome and given a tour of the cottage and Meeting House. The tea and biscuits were a welcome treat.  Blazing hot day although lovely and cool inside the cottage. A very nice couple came by mid afternoon and spent an hour in the Meeting House, had a cup of tea, signed the guest book and were totally enamoured with the tranquility of the surroundings here. Have just seen the biggest hornet, thankfully it flew into the cottage then back out again. Monday- amazing nights sleep! Woke at 4.30 wanting to start our day in this beautiful place, yet resisted and went back to sleep for 2 more glorious hours sleep. Peter Adamson 3rd -5th June 2018

Blissful stay-glorious sunshine, lovely walks. Try the walk up towards Pont Llogal along the river. A meal with Sophie and Simon to catch up on family and Quaker things. A lot has happened here since Hereford and Mid Wales  Camp cleaned it up in 1975 and we had a Ceilidh on the lawn! We will come again! Andrew Backhouse and Frances Hill, Wilmslow QM 21st – 25th May 2018

My brief sojourn in the cottage has helped to recharge my batteries and I feel refreshed. I have enjoyed browsing through information on the bookshelf about Quakerism and the local area. My dog Lucy and I explored small stretches of the Glyndŵrs Way which was lovely. Joining in the meeting for worship on Sunday was a joy. My thanks go to Sophie and Simon for their friendliness and warm hospitality. Jennifer Baker. 29th Sept- 2nd Oct, 2017.

What a magical place! We were expecting rural remoteness, but were still taken aback by the sheer peaceful beauty of Dolobran. The tranquil atmosphere in the Meeting House itself has to be experienced to be believed. The gorgeous little garden created sympathetically from the surrounding countryside, and finally the comfortable simplicity of the cottage itself- what a privilege to have stayed in such a special place, where history makes itself felt ever so gently. We return to Bristol refreshed and renewed and know that we definitely want to keep coming back! Thank you to everyone at Dolobran Meeting for generously sharing what you have with others, in particular to Sophie and Simon for making us so welcome. We loved meeting you, and look forward to planning our next stay to span a Sunday.  Jenny and John Griffin. 18th- 22nd Sept, 2017.

Such Kindness and peace here. Always a welcome. The place is special to me and I hope will be special to others. I stayed 10 days, all were wonderful.  John Crook.     

In the sky’s above our crowded isle, the Milky Way tends to remain at arms length, known but unseen. So to see this starry phenomenon on my arrival at Dolobran Meeting house on a clear night in late August… well, I looked in awe until my neck ached. The Meeting House is 3/4 of a mile from the nearest road, which takes some beating unless perhaps you’re on first name terms with a Scottish laird. The facilities too, match the gentle seclusion, providing ones basic needs but no more, a true reflection of the Quaker belief in living life simply. You’ll find a comfortable bed, an open fire, and a well stocked galley kitchen in which to cook and wash. Perhaps the hardest choice for any visitor is which mug to choose from the many provided, a loverly reminder of how active this Meeting House remains. More than anything, I will remember the welcome I received from those I met at Dolobran, especially the unwavering warmth and enthusiasm of Sophie and Bron. So for those who wish for quiet reflection, try this wonderful Island sanctuary beneath the heavens in unspoilt Powys. It truly does the power of good. Thank you.  Stephen Tate. 30th Aug- 17th Sept, 2017.

Not the warmest of Augusts, but a very warm welcome here at Dolobran, both to the cottage and the meeting. It is so lovely to be somewhere away from the noise of traffic! The peace and simplicity and the beautiful greenness is a joy to experience. We walked one day to Pont Robert and one day to Meifod. We had two touring days, one around Welshpool and Oswestry Iron age fort and Llanrhaedr Waterfall, the other to Lake Vyrnwy. Many thanks to Sophie who supplied things we hadn’t realised we needed, as well as decorating our rooms with flowers. Thank you Sophie to your attention to detail to enable our stay here to be so enjoyable. I loved it here. Peace, peace, peace. What a wonderful respite. P.S. All visitors after us will enjoy the super shower, but we can recommend the pleasure of bathing in front of the fire.  Christine and Yvonne. 3rd-8th Aug, 2017.

We had a lovely time, eating and washing outdoors itself was a great experience for Ben and Will, walks, outings, cosy by the fire in the evening and we also slept very peacefully in this quiet and beautiful place.  Ben, Will, Marlen and Richard.  23rd-26th July, 2017.         

What a lovely welcome we have had from all at meeting, just what we needed, days of silence plus Sunday Meeting. We plan to return again with some family.  Imogen and Dougal. 1st- 5th July, 2017.

We all had a wonderful week exploring Dolobran and the stunning surrounding countryside. Found wildlife galore in the garden and out on the paths and lanes. Made a wonderful film about Thomas’ adventures and discoveries. (See YouTube video above).  Simon, Clare and Thomas.  3rd June, 2017

Thank you Dolobran Friends for welcoming us to this beautiful place. We love it and would like to come back soon.  Ann and Tony. 28th April, 2017